The toolkit for school business management

School business managers, office staff and teachers need more time to make crucial educational impacts. Engagement with parents should be positive and effective. Let's get rid of those letters stuffed in bags, spreadsheets of 'who's doing what', chasing parents for payments and make time for education.

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App for parents

Simple payments.

Parents can securely pay for any activity via the eeZeeTrip iOS and Android apps or website. Within seconds a parent can pay for school dinners, trips and after school clubs. Payments are automatically depositied into the approprite school's or local authority's bank account.

Effective communications.

Communicate with parents via App, email and SMS. Relevant information direct to parents' finger tips for activities; absence notifications and newsletters. Timely, modern communications tailored for busy parents improves engagement and reduces costs.

Less workload. Every day.

eeZeeTrip helps schools make time for more important things. Spend less time on mundane, repetivite day to day management tasks. Proven to save schools money and time, eeZeeTrip liberates staff and delivers more resources for education.

Built by us, designed by schools

The eeZeeTrip Dashboard tracks every payment, activity sign up, trip consent and much more - all in real time. eeZeeTrip is the one-stop shop for activity management, payments and communications.

App for parents

Simplify school management

We measure our success in how much time and money you save on day to day school management tasks. If you're currently using multiple systems to communicate with parents, to take payments and to organise activities then eeZeeTrip is for you.

Send Messages directly to parents phones for free. Send newsletters, absence notifications, documents and photos through in app messages, emails, and SMS.

Save hours of time using eeZeeTrip to manage your school meals. Daily numbers for the kitchen, FSM and UFSM taken care of and get paid on-line by parents.

Request Payments for events, meals, clubs, and other activity. Convenience for parents means faster payments and less chasing. And we do the banking for you!

Create events, notify parents of school activities. Collect consent and payments effortlessly. Maintain a full audit history and clone events for speedy setup.

Rapid deployment and hands-free maintenance. eeZeeTrip sync's with all major Management Information Systems.

All schools using eeZeeTrip are reducing workload and free-ing up valuable staff time for the important stuff in school.

App for parents

Yearly savings using eeZeeTrip

App for parents
App for parents
App for parents


A platform that works out-of-the-box.


The fastest way to start accepting payments, collate consent, and communicate with parents. eeZeeTrip works across the school. Organise all your enrichment and extended day activities. Manage the nursery provision, holiday clubs, collect meal payments and always keep parents in the loop.

App for parents


Parents receive information on our beautifully designed Android and iOS apps or via the website. eeZeeTrip faciltates engagement with every parent, regardless of device. And offline parents are not left out thanks to our clever automatic printing option.

App for parents

Smart school management

We make time for education.